public auction


Monday, October 9 at 10:00 AM
L. A. Self-Storage, 430 Lake Avenue, Rochester, NY


L. A. Self-Storage

Delinquent storage fees have caused the AUCTION of a number of mini-storage units sold piecemeal and bulk . . . typical household furniture & furnishings, electronic equipment, sporting goods and two Traulsen reach-in coolers. The following tenants should take notice of deficiency Susan E. bartlettDora A. barton, Johnnie N. Deis, Sherry Louise Eldridge, Trent A. Graves, Brent D. Green, Willie James Jr. Howard, Daphne D. Hurst, John W. Lee, Anya A. Moton, Toni Marie Rivas, Randy E. Roudolph, Tracy S. Welch, Edna Eileen Williams, Pamela W. Williamsand Rodney Leonard Wimes. Preview this inside auction at 9:30 AM. TERMS: strictly CASH! 10% Buyers Premium. All property subject to redemption. All items MUST be removed at the conclusion of the auction. Bulk purchasers must deposit a $50.00 refundable clean-out fee.

John T. Reynolds, CAI
Newark, NY 14513-0508

Telephone: 315-331-8815
Fax: 315-331-2054

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