public auction

Thursday, June 1, 2006

500 S. Union Street, Spencerport - 9:00 AM and
4375 Buffalo Road, North Chili - 2 PM



WASHERS: 25 Speed Queen & Maytag top load clothes washers, 1 UniMat 50 front load clothes waster with digital read out, 50 pound capacity; 5 Ametek BigBoy (3C) front load clothes washers, 25 pound capacity; 2 Speed Queen Commercial (front load) clothes washers with digital read out, 20 pound capacity; 2 Wascomat Senior W124 front load clothes washer, 2 fast recovery/high capacity hot water boilers, DRYERS: 16 Speed Queen Fabric Care clothes tumbler dryers, 5 Speed Queen tumbler dryers with DRO, 2 stacked Speed Queen Commercial clothes dryers, most dryers have 30 pound capacity; ASSOCIATED: 5 folding tables, 5 mobile laundry hampers, guest seating, water fountain, Laundry bag and soap vending units, waste receptacles, 2 13" Sanyo televisions with wall mount stands, Burle video monitor with Samsung "RealTime" VHS machine, one camera; GAMES & VENDING MACHINES: Dixie-Marco 9 select can soda machine, self contained, model DN-501E CC/S11-9, serial number 1426-6468AW; one Gatoraid 6 select bottle vending machine, self contained; one spiral glass front snack machine, more!

4375 Buffalo Road, North Chili at 2:00 PM

Buffalo Rd. PHOTO GALLERY (10)        Buffalo Rd. DIRECTION MAPS

FEATURING: White clothing conveyor, 7 post, 800 unit capacity; WASHERS: 23 Speed Queen top load clothes washers, 2 Wasco 75, double load commercial clothes washers, 3 Milnor, triple front load clothes washers, DRYERS: 13 Loadstar Tumbler clothes dryers, ASSOCIATED: Sharp cash register, ER 3241, multi-departmental with receipt and digital customer read out; one spiral glass front snack machine, stationary clothing racks, portable steamer, Accer-Weigh hamper scale, folding tables, more!

Removal: Spencerport at the conclusion of the auction and until 4:00 PM, auction day. Chili at the conclusion of the auction until 4:00 PM and on Friday, June 2nd from 9:00 AM until 1:00 PM.

Preview auction day one hour prior to each auction or immediately in our photo gallery and get driving directions with the location maps.

TERMS: 10% Buyers Premium; payment with cash, New York State drawn check, VISA/MC. Note that both facilities will be first offered in bulk; then piecemeal. Auction authorized by Trustee Warren H. Heilbronner.

John T. Reynolds, CAI
Newark, NY 14513-0508

Telephone: 315-331-8815
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