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Donuts Delite, Inc.

1700 Culver Road at the corner of Empire Blvd.
Rochester, NY

Tuesday, October 11, 2005 at 10:00 AM


donuts delite

Customer Retail Area

four (04) booths, Plymold (mfg.), 02 - two passenger, 04 - four passenger

five (05) tall stools, metal frame, mauve upholstered, round slip seat, ice cream parlor style

customer service counter, 28' approximate length with 14' right dog-leg, 6' left dog-leg; entire counter divided into five (05) removable sections, three (03) sections customer counter, one (01) section cantilever front half vision display; grey Formica finish on stainless steel tubular legs; some evidence of veneer chipping and use wear

microwave oven, General Electric (mfg.) with turn table, stainless steel exterior

coffee brewer, Curtis (mfg.) model C500 AP with hot water spicate, direct plumb

beverage dispenser, JetSpray (mfg.), dual tank each with interior spray fountain

dish machine, CMA Dish Machines (mfg.), model L-1X, serial number 126529, under counter fall front door, high speed, single tray capacity, all stainless steel interior and exterior, low temperature chemical based cleaner

back bar unit, all stainless steel, approximate 12' length, configured facing right to left - top counter with central located coved basin all purpose sink, single delivery faucet, full length back-splash; under counter has dishwasher insert slot to two shelf storage unit to shelf unit over self contained compressor for two door reach in cooler

toaster, Holman (mfg.), horizontal conveyer, 110 volt operation, model T-710, serial number 02246-0294

two (02) cash registers, National Cash Register (mfg.), single drawer, mechanical operation, one white enameled finish, one chrome plated

remaining area contents to include, but not limited to: banquet style folding table, three (03) trash receptacles, two (02) home model toasters, napkin dispensers, deli paper dispenser, tape dispensers, glassware, solo coffee cups, very limited stainless steel flatware, product signs, three (03) coffee bean dispensers

Baking Kitchen

two (02) pastry fryers, Pitco Frialator (mfg.), 24" by 34" production capacity, gravity drain, tanks fully intact, all stainless steel interior and exterior, gas fired, model number 34PSS, fat capacity 210 lbs, one drop arm common to both units with two (02) hoppers and three (03) plungers

dough rounder, Brika (mfg.), 240 volt, three phase operation with six (06) thirty-six unit inserts

bakerís table, approximate 48" by 84" hardwood top with composition overlay on tubular galvanized leg supports

icing warmer, Dawn (mfg.), two hole capacity, top measures approximate 15" by 30", 110 volt operation, water bath, mobile

prep table, approximate 30" by 56" stainless steel top with one drawer, galvanized under shelf

basket trays, approximate 1ĺ" depth by 26" by 16Ĺ", approximate count two hundred (200), stainless steel construction

five (05) bakerís racks, all mobile, twenty tray capacity, approximate 24" by

33" interior dimensions, galvanized construction

proffers, four door, galvanized construction, marginal condition

three (03) bowl dollies, each with commensurate size aluminum mixing bowl, mobile

prep table, with two section reattached stainless steel top on mobile base with stainless steel under shelf, top measures approximate 30" by 84", mobile

two (02) bulk storage container, Wilder (mfg.), mobile, galvanized construction

exhaust hood, approximate 12Ĺ " length and 45" deep, six (06) baffle type removable filters, full around drip rail with Safety First double head, powder based, fire suppression system with roof mounted mushroom exhaust

two (02) hand-held fire extinguishers

grease filtration system, approximate 23" diameter mobile collection receptacle with 110 volt pump operation

nine (09) dual tap pastry filler hoppers, Dawn (mfg.), with two (02) delivery bases each with 110 volt based pump, stainless steel and composition construction

five (05) donut fillers, manufacturer unknown, all stainless steel, manual fill delivery

portion scale, Pelouze (mfg.), 16 oz by c oz capacity

portion scale, Hobart (mfg.), model 102-P, 2 lb. capacity

counter balance scale, Detecto (mfg.)

three (03) bulk storage containers, manufacturer unknown. mobile, composition construction, well worn

Mixing Room

food mixer, Hobart (mfg.), model 802, eighty court capacity, new motor, bowl riser, automatic, four forward speeds, timer, bowl reducer with one bowl, bowl dolly, whip, paddle and hook, 240 volt three phase operation

two (02) forty quart mixing bowls, each with whip and paddle

one eighty quart mixing bowl with dolly, whip, paddle and hook

scullery sink, all stainless steel, approximate 48" width, single delivery faucet

hand wash sink, all stainless steel, wall mount

syrup/condiment dispenser, Kenco (mfg.), three compartment each with manual pump head, counter top

platform scale, 800 lb capacity, Fairbanks (mfg.)

refrigerator/freezer, Summit (mfg.), poor condition, but functional

five (05) beverage dispensers, Cambro (mfg.), fully insulated, one (01) twenty five cup capacity, two (02) fifty cup capacity, two (02) one hundred cup capacity

seven (07) dunnage racks, metal frame, hardwood insert

two (02) bakerís racks, Wilder (mfg.), galvanized, fifteen tray capacity, mobile, approximate 16" by 28" interior dimension, galvanized construction

chest freezer, Ocean (mfg), small capacity, lock

chest freezer, manufacturer unknown, lock

time clock, Amano (mfg.), model PIX 3000x with timecard slot and time cards

remaining area contents, to include but not limited to: donut display baskets, deli trays, steam table inserts, jelly hoppers and bases, stainless steel hand pumps, metal cabinet, basket shelf, Metro rack approximate 59" by 18"

Note: an institution in Rochester of Quality Bakery Products and Cleanliness that set standards for ALL of the others to follow. DO NOT miss this auction, this event!

Removal: At the conclusion of the auction . . . until 4:00 PM!!!!

Preview auction day at 9:00 AM or immediately in the photo gallery and get driving directions with the location maps.

TERMS: 10% Buyers Premium; payment with cash, New York State drawn check, VISA/MC. Auction authorized by Robert J. Malley.


Two Buildings and Land

Located at 1706 Culver Road since 1956, the former Donuts Delite is now offered for sale by National Corporate Realty LLC (585-271-8030). Also part of the sale listing is the adjacent professional office building at 1720 Culver Road. The combined property enjoys excellent visibility at a prime intersection, and contains 0.66 acres of land, two buildings (2,055 s.f. Donuts Delite and 2,434 s.f. professional office building) and 28 off-street parking spaces. This prime property is priced VERY competatively. For immediate information, contact . . .

National Corporate Realty LLC
100 Meridian Centre, Suite 305
Rochester, New York 14618
(585) 271-8030

John T. Reynolds, CAI
Newark, NY 14513-0508

Telephone: 315-331-8815
Fax: 315-331-2054

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